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The Booming Post Brexit Investment Industry

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Investor series slides & content extract: from the investment mastermind event on 13th October 2018

What investment is booming from Brexit (and how you can buy in right now before it’s too late)?

In the face of widespread worry the UK market was going to meltdown after the Brexit vote, there have been movements in the stock market and on the currency markets that have left investors wary about where to move next.
However, of all the opportunities presented right now, nothing in the way the market has behaved suggests the property market has stopped being the most robust investment opportunity in the UK.

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Despite cries from across the political and economic spectrum that Brexit would have a seriously adverse effect on confidence and property prices, the truth is that effect of Brexit on house prices has been limited, according to the Financial Times. Since June 2016 – the month of the Brexit vote — average house prices have risen in all by one UK city. In London, which has suffered the biggest slowdown with prices falling in certain parts of the capital, house prices are still up two per cent on average since June 2016.

Certainly, domestic confidence is low as buyers are cautious about the effect on jobs and what happens next. But this is an opportunity for overseas investors who will find their money going much further than it would otherwise have done before the Brexit referendum. It’s a fact that during the recession that many of the leading names in global investment came out the other side with a much stronger portfolio because they recognised and stayed true to the old adage of buying when investor confidence is low to make a longterm profit when the market is buoyant.

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Indeed, a report from land agents Aston Mead suggested that confidence is likely to return to the market after March 29th 2019, when Brexit finally happens. This puts a time limit on the opportunity for overseas investors to act.
So the next question is how to invest? While getting a mortgage is usually a no-go for many overseas investors, there is the opportunity to directly invest in property developments – with the risk these bring – or go the route of a property bond.

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Property bonds give investors the opportunity to take advantage of the traditionally strong UK property market, while allowing them to invest for a smaller initial outlay. Like any bond investment, investors receive a return on a regular basis until the bond matures usually relative to the risk involved. Returns can start from 8% and while property bonds were initially seen as risky investments, a new bond on the market offers the chance to gain “hands-off” returns of up to 8% every six months while being “de-risked”.

In the past, property bonds suffered from a lack of security. If the development went bust, bond investors had little to no chance of recovering their money. With this new “de-risked” property bond, investors are at the front of the queue should the worst happen as a charge is put on the property. The developer puts up collateral from other developments to secure the investment. However, with the beginning of the end of Brexit in sight, the opportunity to invest is closing. That’s why it’s time to act now before it’s too late.

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