What are Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage sites?

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What are Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage sites and where are they located?

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Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage

Many of us know of Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, but how many of us know exactly where it is?

Each of Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage sites relates to a different component and time in Liverpool’s maritime history. The inscripted sites extend for approximately 4 kilometres along the city’s waterfront.

Liverpool, a Maritime Mercantile City gained UNESCO designated World Heritage Site status in 2004. The site comprises of six locations in the city centre, including the Pier Head, Albert Dock and William Street and also includes many of the city’s famous landmarks.

1. The Pier Head
The Pier Head is a significant aspect of Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage Site and brings together the majestic Three Graces; The Royal Liver Building, The Cunard Building and The Port of Liverpool building. The Three Graces make Liverpool’s waterfront one of the most recognised skylines in the world. The Pier Head is home to the Museum of Liverpool, and the specially constructed, modern Canal Link, where the unusual sight of narrow boats pass through.

2. The Albert Dock
Located on Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage site, the Albert Dock features the largest collection of Grade I listed buildings in England. The Albert Dock is home to the award-winning The Beatles Story, the Magical Mystery Tour, Tate Liverpool; the Merseyside Maritime Museum (and Liverpool’s connection to the Titanic), and the International Slavery Museum.

3. The Stanley Dock
The Stanley Dock is the only dock in Liverpool which was built inland. Located in Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage site, the Stanley Dock is the original quay warehouses are of a similar design to those at Albert Dock and are grade II listed buildings.

4. Duke Street
The old Georgian merchant’s area of the city centre was built a result of the ‘Old Dock’ of 1715 that launched Liverpool as a global port. Now located in Liverpool’s Unesco World Heritage Site, and has now been titled as the Ropewalks area of the city.

5. The ‘Commercial Quarter’ (Castle Street)
Castle Street is the civic heart of Liverpool and the historic centre of the city. It runs between the old site of the Medieval castle and the Georgian Town Hall and is part of Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage site. In Castle Street, there is a large concentration of historical and listed architecture with differing uses including restaurants, Council offices and other businesses.

6. The ‘Cultural Quarter’ (William Brown Street)
St. George’s Quarter proudly sports Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage status crown and is located just outside Lime Street station. It is home to St George’s Hall, a beautiful example of neo-classical architecture that welcomed the iconic Poppies: Weeping Window sculpture in 2015. Together with the World Museum, Walker Art Gallery and Central Library. William Brown Street is an entire street featuring only cultural attractions.

All sites are easily accessible from and are within walking distance of the new luxury and prime location residential development, Strand Plaza.

  1. The Pier Head – 0.1 miles / 3-minute walk
  2. The Albert Dock – 0.3 miles / 6-minute walk
  3. The Stanley Dock – 1.3 miles / 27-minute walk
  4. Duke Street – 0.3 miles / 7-minute walk
  5. The ‘Commercial Quarter’ (Castle Street) 0.1 miles / 3-minute walk
  6. The ‘Cultural Quarter’ (William Brown Street) – 0.6 miles / 13-minute walk

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