Certa Lettings Terms & Fees

Terms of Business

The application process (subject to contract, references and Landlord approval)

You have applied to take the property overleaf on or Terms of Business. Please be sure that you agree to these proposed terms. Your payment of the set up fee does not guarantee you a tenancy of the property. The tenancy agreement will form a separate contract.

Your set up fee includes referencing for the 1st Tenant to include identity, immigration and visa confirmation, financial credit checks, obtaining references from current or previous employers/Landlords and any other relevant information to assess your affordability. It will also include contract negotiation, amending and agreeing terms and arranging the final tenancy agreement. Please note that your set up fee is shared with your Landlord.

Special conditions

If the tenancy does proceed, the property will be let as seen unless Certa Lettings have agreed additional terms in writing overleaf and later within the tenancy agreement. Special conditions must be agreed in writing prior to the tenancy agreement being signed. Anything said by a representative of Certa Lettings must be confirmed in writing if you wish to rely on it.

Contents Insurance

Please be aware that Certa Lettings will ask you to demonstrate that you have contents insurance in place to cover accidental damage to the Landlord’s possessions, fixtures and fittings (if any) caused by you or your visitors.

Tenancy agreement

Certa Lettings will provide you with a draft agreement so that you can read the document at your leisure. Until the tenancy agreement is signed and dated there is no contract in place between you and the Landlord. If there is more than one Tenant at the property, then each Tenant will become ‘jointly and severally liable’ for the tenancy meaning that as individuals they take responsibility for the payment of all the rent and for making good any and all damage. If the tenancy does not go ahead for any reason then you agree you cannot claim against the Landlord or Certa Lettings for any costs or out of pocket expenses. Please note that the tenancy agreement may be liable to Stamp Duty and that this is something for which you are responsible. Further information regarding any potential liability can be found on the HM Revenue and Customs website.

To qualify for Certa Lettings’ referencing, your qualifying income must be 2.5 times the annual rent (unless agreed otherwise). If you are sharing a property then your qualifying income will be based on your share of the rent.


If you are unable to meet the qualifying income, the Landlord may still proceed with the proposed tenancy if you are able to offer a guarantor. This person will also be required to honour the terms of the tenancy agreement. Your guarantor must have a clean credit history, be resident in the UK, and have a qualifying income of 2.5 times the annual rent. The guarantor will be required to provide information to the credit referencing agency, provide ID and proof of residency and sign a Deed of Guarantee. Certa Lettings may ask your guarantor to take the ID and proof of residency to their office as it is important that the guarantor presents these documents in person. All of these steps must take place before you sign the tenancy agreement and take occupation of the property.

Proof of residency and identification

Certa Lettings will ask each individual applying for a tenancy to provide their photograph ID, current proof of address and residency. This can be in the form of a passport, photocard driving licence, utility bill or council tax bill dated within the last three months. If an
applicant is not a citizen of the EU, then Certa Lettings will need to see proof that they have permission to live in the UK for the full term of the tenancy. Each individual applying for a tenancy must present proof of residency and identification at Certa Lettings’ office. You will be unable to proceed with a tenancy if you cannot provide this information.

Other documentation

Certa Lettings may also require a copy of your current tenancy agreement (where applicable) and your pay slips for the last three months.

Credit search and references

Each individual applying for a tenancy must consent to a credit search being carried out and references sought. A company independent of Certa Lettings will carry out the credit search and references. The results will be shared with the Landlord and Certa Lettings whose decision on the applicant’s suitability will be final. If you wish to see the results of the credit search, then you may apply to the company that carried it out. Certa Lettings can provide you with contact details. It is imperative that you inform Certa Lettings, in writing, of any problem with your credit prior to making an application, as you may still be able to successfully apply. If you mislead Certa Lettings then your application will be automatically rejected and your non-refundable fees will be lost.

Fees & Charges

All figures are inclusive of VAT where applicable.


Deposit 1 months rent (£)

Credit, Employer and Landlord Check
(included in set up fee)

Set up fee – First Tenant £200

Additional Tenant Fee £100

Check In/Inventory Fee

Check Out Fee £50

Tenancy Renewal £75

Amendment to Tenancy
(Subject to Landlord’s Consent) £25

Unpaid Rent/Returned Payment £25

Payment due on signing Tenancy excluding Application Fees

Rent in advance £

Deposit (1 months Rent) £

For Application Fee Payment Details please contact: 0151 958 9797

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