High-Yield Property Investments in Liverpool & Beyond

We offer a range of excellent high-yield property investments in Liverpool and beyond. Our investments are provided at below market rates to investors across the globe. We specialise in off-plan, buy-to-let, student and alternative investment opportunities with high annual yields and fantastic capital returns.


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lyceum Manchester property investment

7% Net Rental Returns

Lyceum, Manchester

- - Off-plan development
- - 20% expected capital appreciation upon completion
- - 7% NET rental returns
- - 1, 2 & 3-bedroom apartments
- - Investments from £120,000

Invest From £120,000

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6% Estimated NET Returns

Strand Plaza, Liverpool

- Apartments from just £114,000
- 22.8% Predicated Capital Growth (JLL)
- 22% Predicted Rental Rate Increase (HSBC)
- Fully Tenanted Available Generating Immediate Income

Invest From £114,000

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8% assured for 3-years

Sheffield Central

- 8% assured rental returns for 3-years
- Up to 15% BMV
- Payment options available
- Prices from £85,850

Invest From £85,850

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h2 halifax property investment

8.6% Projected Yields

H2 Halifax

- 70 contemporary 1 & 2-bedroom apartments
- Planning Permission Granted
- Estimated completion: Q2 2021

Invest From 66,995

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Sherwood square nottingham

6.5% annual yield

Sherwood Square, Nottingham

- 42 units of contemporary 1-bedroom apartments
- Reserve yours for just 5% deposit
- Estimated completion: Q4 2019

Invest From £104,995

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6.6% annual yield

Moseley Gardens, Birmingham

- 67 apartments comprising of 1-2 beds
- Predicted yield: 6.6% per annum
- Estimated completion: Q1 2020

Invest From £164,995

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The Property Investing Terms You Should Know

With several ways of investing in property, it’s important to know what the different options mean. We have created a list of definitions for some of the most common types of property investments.

What Is a Property Investment?

A property investment is the short-term or long-term purchase of a property in view of earning a substantial return. Returns can come in the form of rental income where they are ongoing and may increase or via capital gain following a resale. Investors will commonly invest in a property while it’s being built with the intention of selling or leasing it out after making significant enhancements.

What Is a Buy-To-Let Investment?

A buy-to-let investment is one of the most common types of property investments that you will come across. In simple terms, a buy-to-let investment involves purchasing a property with the intention of renting it out to tenants. You will become a landlord and must therefore manage several legal responsibilities. Profit will be earned from rental yields or capital growth.

What Is a Bond Investment?

A property bond investment, also known as property bonds, allow investors to earn returns from the early stages of a development project. This type of investment enables property developers to fund the early stages of the project with the funds provided by the investor. The bond forms a legally binding contract which outlines key elements including how the investment can be used and how much interest is paid.

What Is an Off-Plan Property Investment?

An off-plan property investment is when an investor decides to invest in a property before or during the construction stage. This is an increasingly appealing option for investors due to several reasons. Off-plan investments allow investors to secure property before it reaches their most competitive prices. The value of the investment and the surrounding area may grow during the construction process.