Liverpool Tops the Table as the Buy-to-Let Hotspot in the UK

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Liverpool Tops the Table as the Buy-to-Let Hotspot in the UK

09/01/2018 |

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Liverpool Tops the Table as the Buy-to-Let Hotspot in the UK

According to Totally Money, Liverpool is the buy-to-let hotspot after topping the table as the most profitable location to be a landlord and is currently achieving the highest yields available in the UK.

  • The top three postcodes for buy to let yields are all found in Liverpool with a further three featuring in the rest of the top 25, showing that much of the city is a potential buy-to-let hotspot.
  • The Liverpool L7 remains in the top spot. The postcode covers city centre, Edge Hill, Fairfield and Kensington and its proximity to two of Liverpool’s three universities makes it a favourite for student let. Located near the Knowledge Quarter that’s currently receiving over £2 billion of redevelopment.
  • With a student population of 70,000, Liverpool’s popularity as a destination for those in higher education is matched by the opportunities it offers buy-to-let investors.

A recent assessment of buy to let properties shows that while London landlords might be struggling, landlords who have invested in Liverpool are seeing good returns. The top three places are currently offering annual returns of over 12% thanks to lower house prices and huge student property demand. Meanwhile, London landlords and the South East are finding returns far harder to come by, with sky high house prices meaning it takes years for landlords to cover their costs and make a decent profit.

Joe Gardiner, Head of Brand and Communications at Totally Money said: “Realising a decent return on a buy-to-let rental property is becoming increasingly difficult. Property prices continue to rise steadily, albeit more slowly, and rule changes have made lenders more cautious.”

“Prospective landlords need to go into property investment armed with the facts – they need to be on top of their credit report, compare the market for the best buy-to-let mortgage rates and focus on property investment in areas that can give them the highest yield.”

“The buy-to-let hotspots postcode map pinpoints postcodes and gives landlords a solid steer towards the opportunities that university city student lets offer.”

With a variety of different investment opportunities available in Liverpool (including residential, commercial and student (PBSA), Certa Invest can provide exclusive below market value properties in the UK. With prices starting from £57,950 for some of the most luxurious accommodation in the city, now’s the time to secure your investment in Liverpool property.

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