The Rise Construction Update October 2017 - 8% NET Return

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The Rise Construction Update October 2017

14/11/2017 |

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Certa Invest are proud to bring The Rise Construction Update for October 2017. The £40m development, is based in Liverpool’s biggest up and coming areas, the Knowledge Quarter and is currently recently received over £1b of investment.

The Rise has been under construction for a number of months now and has now completed its remediation works. The ground remediation strategy was issued by a specialist geo-environmental consultant and the site has since been remediated and construction has now officially begun. The ground remediation works included a GPR Survey, (ground penetrating radar survey) which shows what is beneath the ground in terms of drainage and utilities for the contractor to be mindful of during construction.

In addition, in the The Rise Construction Update, a letter of intent has been sent to cover the steelwork order has been issued. This letter covers the initial design work and the steelwork delivery will follow. Orders of materials that (have a long lead-time) have been placed and will be due for delivery as required by the construction programme.

Next in the The Rise Construction Update, welfare facilities and site cabins have now been delivered to site ready for the Contractor, Create Construction.

Finally, the developers, Primesite Developments, have installed a time-lapse camera has been on-site to monitor and track daily movements. If you would like to see regular updates from The Rise, please follow our social media channels (FacebookTwitterLinkedIn or Instagram) to stay in touch of progress and track the construction schedule.

The Rise is located in the Knowledge Quarter, and is situated on the doorstep of the new £500m Hospital and BioCampus. The Knowledge Quarter will see thousands of key workers and a ready-made tenant base for the development and features an on-site gymnasium, rooftop garden, indoor heated pool and ample parking. To find out more about the Knowledge Quarter and why you should invest there, please click here.

The Rise is comprised of 246 private residential homes alongside 146 student rooms across a mix of cluster accommodation and studios. It will also include office and co-working space on the ground floor. To find out more about The Rise, please click here.

The Rise is set for completion in Q2 2019 and with limited availability remaining, now’s your time to take advantage of the extended, limited time offer on offer from the developers that offer’s you 5% interests on deposits. In addition, The Rise offers 8% NET return that’s assured for 5 years and makes for the perfect armchair invesment. To arrange a no hassle call from one of our experienced sales consultants, please click here.

Here’s a short video put together by Primesite Developments to update you on October’s Construction progress at The Rise.