Why Choose to Invest Liverpool? The second biggest economy in the UK.

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Why Choose to Invest Liverpool?

09/08/2017 |

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Why Choose to Invest In Liverpool?

So you’re thinking of investing in Liverpool…? Whether you’re red or blue, Liverpool has been making all the headlines in 2017 after being voted as ‘The’ UK’s Buy-To-Let Hot-Spot’ for property investment returns and capital growth. With the second fastest growing economy outside of London, the city has been the centre of regeneration and has seen over £4.5 billion of investment in recent years, transforming the leisure, retail and commercial sectors to bring jobs, economic stability and also high property investment returns.

A key factor of this recent redevelopment has been Liverpool’s involvement of the Northern Powerhouse. Liverpool has been able to attract the attention of investors from across the world. Liverpool demonstrates the collective power that all the northern regions can have and compete with the dominance of London. Many northern cities, like Liverpool, have been investing in infrastructure, transport and housing to become bigger, better and more connected. 

Luis McBriar, of Adapt Finance, feels that investment in northern cities will ease the pressure on London, stating, “By investing in the infrastructure of the north of England, businesses will be encouraged to create more jobs in other areas of the country and, therefore, ease pressure on the London.”

Liverpool’s economy is currently worth over £121 billion and has seen a 15% year on year economic growth. Whilst in Liverpool’s property market, 23.4% of properties in Liverpool are privately rented and according to the bank, HSBC, Liverpool’s rental rates are set to increase 22% by 2020.

The number of development schemes in Liverpool that have the sole aim of improving local areas and their economies is staggering and can only be good news for property investors. Upon evaluating the cities growth and development, you can see why Liverpool’s proving to be a popular choice for investors.

There are a number of investment opportunities available in Liverpool, Certa Invest are the exclusive marketing partner of a developer with 16 years experience and who are bringing bigger and better properties to market in 2017.

Certa Invest are pleased to highlight three exclusive properties currently on the market in Liverpool: Herculaneum Quay, Strand Plaza and The Rise and demand for these properties is swiftly being taken up.

Herculaneum Quay is an iconic, glass building that’s situated on Liverpool’s waterfront at Herculaneum Dock. It is on a direct through-fare to the city centre for bars, restaurants, theatres and music venues, together with Liverpool ONE shopping, cafes, museums and galleries – all just minutes away. The development interiors are as iconic as the exterior featuring an indoor swimming pool and 24-hour concierge service for luxury City living.

Strand Plaza is located in Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage site, opposite Liverpool’s Three Graces and the Albert Dock. Strand Plaza offers a prime waterfront city centre location and was recently published as having perhaps ‘The’ best view in Liverpool! Properties feature high-end finishes and a 24-hour concierge service. Capital growth for investors is expected to be in excess of 15%.

The Rise is based in the Knowledge Quarter of Liverpool, with close proximity to the new £500m hospital and bio-campus. The Rise offers high-quality residential accommodation for the Cities growing number of key workers and professionals in this Quarter of the City. Featuring ample parking, a rooftop garden, fully equipped gym and swimming pool – who wouldn’t want to reside here and at an affordable rental price?

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